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Peggy R. Irabor- Image (True)
Peggy R. Irabor - Future Real40


Take a look at this! Family photos that show images of family in Peggy Irabor closest or known family tree. Beautiful and Fruitful- Family members also serving as Military Service Members page included. Five generations of images shown in this Genealogy Family Tree. 

~ I do not give permission for any one to use, reproduce,  or replicate the videos or photos on this page or any other page on my website. ~

Me and my youngest daughter 2015
Me and my youngest daughter 2015
Peggy R Irabor youngest daughter as a baby

My name is Peggy R. Irabor. (~Age 45~) I am the author and Creator of this tarot channel and website, 'Future Real40 Tarot". I am a mother of 5 children. An Army Veteran. A home Owner since March 21, 2022. I have an Associates and Bachelors Degree in Business Management. I have an African rooted background from Nigeria and my first born son is half Ethiopian.

My family could be said to originate in America from the state of Kansas, in the city of Topeka. Kansas is where my natural born mother is born and raised. Therefore all family will be from that blood line that I post on this website. *(I will not be posting any images from my natural fathers side of the family. I don't know much about them) *This posted 09/29/2023. ~ I will be adding more images soon.~

Peggy R. Irabor- My 5 Children- Biological Mother
My 5 Children
Our Big Smiles Say Family Gathering
Our Big Smiles Say Family Gathering- Me, my brother, & some of my children.

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THE FAMILY I KNOW - Images and Brief Details of my known family members. Military Service and Accomplishments.

Me, my 3rd Son Kenneth, & his son Greyson.
Me and my oldest daughter LadyFaith
Sister Shalla with her sons- Also My Daughter is on the right
Peggy R. Irabor - Author of this Website
My oldest Son LaDale
Peggy Irabor & youngest daughter at Yorktown Beach
My daughters at the beach- Peggy Irabor images
Marcy Luarks (Famous American Singer in Nigeria in 80's) holding oldest Son- Mother of Peggy & 13 other Siblings
Peggy & brother when we were teens living at home with parents in Kansas
Peggy & Biological Mother Marcy- visiting her early 2008 on tdy A.I.T. ARMY
Late Grandmother Caroline "C-Ann" Luarks- Topeka Kansas-& Aunt Sharon- one of my Sister on right(Military Service). The perosn in pink shirt image is Peggy Irabor
Daughter to late Grandmother "C-Anne" - and sister to Sharon- Erica as a child- Military Service
My Oldest Sons other Family from Ethiopia
Peggy Irabor at BGW years ago
My Sons during the Holidays years ago. Peggy Irabor images
Peggy Irabor & Oldest Son
My oldest daughter - LadyFaith- Preparing for High School dance years ago.
Peggy R Irabor - Author of Future Real40 Tarot
My 2nd oldest Son Dallas
My Brother & his childhood Classmate years ago.
My brother and my children when they were younger than 10 years old.
My oldest daughter - Images by Peggy Irabor
My brother and my youngest daughter- Images by Peggy Irabor
Raymond (late Marcy's husband)and his kids and grand kids in image- My late mothers husband from Ohio
Raymonds oldest daughter Raylaunda from Marcy his late wife- my mother - Images by Peggy Irabor
Some of Raymond & Marcy's children more than a decade ago images. Mother & Step-father to Peggy Irabor & 4 other Siblings
Dallas - My 2nd Son
Studio Apartment

Family & Fun

Hello visitors!

This is the place I have decided to share the adventures over the years, of my self and my children, as well as other relative family.

Feel at ease and at peace as you take a look at how me and my family interact and have a great time.

amazing Navy.jpg
pic nvy son 1.jpg

Navy Officer - My Son 

My brother(younger) Austin.

My Brother -Marines & Army

Picss all time 11 hd wx1.jpg

Me: Peggy Irabor- Army 2007- Currently a Veteran 2023

Luxury Mansion Interior

To see other pages with family videos- Become a member and message me for the password to unlock the page.

Meanwhile, feel free to look at the FREE content here. * Anyone caught coping any thing I post on this website, will be taken to court for theft and damages.

Thank you

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